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Boils and Manuka Honey

What is a boil ?

A boil is an infection of the skin. It usually starts at the bottom of a hair follicle or a seborrhea gland. In the beginning, the skin turns red and a small, hard lump develops.

After about 5-6 days, pus starts to collect under the skin and the lump starts to turn white, softer, larger and more painful.

Boils will appear mostly on the face, neck, armpits, shoulders. Sometimes they form on the eye lids and they are known as a "sty".

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What causes boils?

The majority of boils are caused by a germ called "Staphylococcal Bacteria". The germ could enter the body through a minor cut, scratch or nick on the skin or can make it's way down to the follicle on a hair. People with diabetes, a poor immune system, poor hygiene,, poor nutrition or in constant contact to strong chemicals, are more susceptible to being affected by this germ.



A boil will start as a small red lump that becomes white and softer within about 5-6 days. It also increases in size to up to an inch in diameter. It is increasingly painful and it could provoke a rise in body temperature. The area around the boil becomes red and infected.

Manuka Honey benefits:

How to treat boils with Manuka Honey

This is an excerpt from an article about Dr. Molan's research and treatment of boils.

Sweet Salve

"Could Honey, an Ancient Remedy, Make a Comeback in Contemporary Wound Care?" By Eric Frederick Trump
Special To the Washington Post
Tuesday, August 7, 2007; Page HE01

For biochemist Peter Molan, honey's ancient power to heal is not a matter of faith. So sure is he of the science behind it that he frequently applies the stuff of his research on himself -- and on his wife.

"She had a persistent boil on her buttocks," he explained. Since no standard salves had helped, he liquefied a dollop of a particular variety of honey known as manuka in the kitchen microwave, poured it over gauze and applied it.

Dr.Molan treats boils

The molten honey burned her.

"Fortunately, manuka is effective in treating burns as well as boils," Molan said cheerfully. Within a short time, he said, both boil and burn healed....

Usually boils can be treated at home. Simply clean the boil with worm water and soap and place a Manuka Honey UMF® 20+ gauze on the infected skin. Keep the gauze on the boil for at least 20 minutes or until you feel a burning sensation. Rinse the wound and reapply after a couple of hours. Extend the exposure time as long as tolerated by the skin. Repeat the treatment daily for better results.





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